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The Pro’s and Cons of renting to tenants with pets

11 Mar
Hina Safdar March 11, 2019 0

When thinking of renting your property you will have to decide on where you stand with pets. The pros maybe you have a higher demand on your property where as a con may be the damage to the property that can be caused by pets. Here are few different pros and cons to help you make this decision:


  1. Almost 50% of renters own a pet so obviously it will be easier and possibly quicker to find a tenant for your property.
  2. Tenants who own pets tend to stay in properties longer as it can be hard to find other options that are pet friendly.
  3. You may be able to charge higher rent due to the demand in the area! So, research if other landlords or agents are advertising any pet friendly properties.
  4. If you allow pets it will decrease the chances of tenant hiding pets which could be problematic if you wanting to do inspections etc.


  1. Damage to the property, animals can scratch & chew carpets, wood floors.
  2. Anti-social behaviour such as dogs barking overnight or dogs being aggressive causing issues with neighbours.
  3. Pet Odours, this could be inside the property or in common areas will cause odours and may put off any future tenants.

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