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Selective Licensing

16 Aug
Hina Safdar August 16, 2019 0

A national register of landlords has been proposed in a report regarding selective licencing. After looking at the proposal, the RLA is sceptical regarding it as they believe it could end up ‘harming’ those it is trying to help. The proposal states that private landlords pay to join a national register available to the public, however the RLA worries that it will push up costs and increase red tape for the landlords who provide good quality homes to rent. On the other hand, ‘criminal’ landlords provide sub-standard and, in some cases, dangerous homes whilst ignoring the government request and continue letting under the radar.


Whilst under debate in the House of Commons in 2018, MP Sir Christopher Chope, Chair of the APPG for the PRS, described the plans proposed as a “Stealth Tax” on landlords. The RLA supports an alternative self-regulation system whereby compliant landlords join a co-regulation scheme which initially deals with standards and complaints. Those that do not comply with the scheme remain under the umbrella of the local authority.


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