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Middlesbrough Town Hall

17 Sep
Limitless September 17, 2018 0

Middlesbrough town hall has been a central figure to Middlesbrough since its official opening by the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1889, however its legacy goes long before and after this. Opening in 1846 on its original site of St. Hilda’s marketplace (now Middlehaven) it was the centre of the vibrant upcoming town. As Middlesbrough grew the town needed a new modern town hall that was fit for the now industrial town of Middlesbrough. Brought to the people was the town hall we see standing there today. On the corner of corporation and albert road the town hall was now fit for purpose and in line with the industrial roots of the town.

Fast forward to 2016 the town hall has seen many great sights and sounds, these including Oasis, AC/DC, Bowie, The Clash and Robbie Williams. However the town hall had become old and needing of TLC, Middlesbrough Council and the National Lottery Heritage Fund put together a £7.7m revamp and refurbishment to restore the old town hall to its former glory. After two years of closing its doors the Town Hall reopened its doors to the people of Middlesbrough once more with Teesside’s very own Cattle & Cane headlining a comeback gig to open it in style. The refurbishment will ensure the town hall will still bring in the best acts and tourism to Middlesbrough.

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