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Landlords – How to decorate your buy to let property?

17 Sep
Limitless September 17, 2018 0

Kings First Blog! As you can see we have renovated our new website! With this we thought it was only fitting we started our new blog “keeping up with kings” with a guide for landlords on how to decorate your rental property!

We understand that landlords don’t want to invest greatly on just decorating the property however with rental market becoming as competitive as ever we do suggest that you maintain the property to attract potential tenants.

Things to Consider when renovating a property!

If its your first property or you 10th still, consider these points before trying to let your property!

  1. Is the property safe? Does it pass all government laws and regulations such as EPC, Gas safety and is some cases electrical safety certificate.
  2. 2. Avoid painting the walls colours and using fancy wallpaper keep the decor plain by using neutral colours! Always remember it’s not personal, you’re more likely to attract bigger interest if the property is freshly painted to a light plain colour such a white or cream.
  3. Reduce your overall expenditure by purchasing cleanable carpets which doesn’t require underlay! Again, Neutral beige carpets will attract tenants however you could use darker colours if you wish.
  4. If the kitchen is looking dated and needs that facelift without the price tag, if they are no actual damage to the cupboards and the surfaces why not paint using a specialist cupboard paint and replacing the handles to freshen it up! Look at the results of the before and after below:
  5. Bathrooms are tricky because they are always prone to moisture which could cause mould! We suggest choosing tiles over paint! With that in mind use dark tiles with dark grout because it’s easier for the tenants to keep clean and maintain.
  6. Lighting is important and what most landlords oversee most tenants! It’s a tested fact at kings that bright and airy properties let much quicker than similar properties so make sure you install decent lighting especially in the most liveable areas such a living room and kitchen!
  7. Finally Make sure the property is clean throughout and ready for viewings! if the property is dirty or has un finished work its more likely to put off potential tenant!

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