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Beware: Deposit Scams!

12 Apr

Between December 2018 and February 2019 there have been 28 reports of fraudsters pretending to be online landlords. Prospective tenants have been scammed out £19,000+ (The Government Action Fraud Body).  The scammers pretend to be landlords of properties advertised online, informing prospective tenants they must pay a deposit in order to secure the property. Prospective tenants are told the money…

The Pro’s and Cons of renting to tenants with pets

11 Mar

When thinking of renting your property you will have to decide on where you stand with pets. The pros maybe you have a higher demand on your property where as a con may be the damage to the property that can be caused by pets. Here are few different pros and cons to help you make this decision: Pros Almost…

Landlords – How to decorate your buy to let property?

17 Sep

Kings First Blog! As you can see we have renovated our new website! With this we thought it was only fitting we started our new blog “keeping up with kings” with a guide for landlords on how to decorate your rental property! We understand that landlords don’t want to invest greatly on just decorating the property however with rental market…



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